Return Band Alignment System

Headend signal level receiver/telemetry transmitter

Enable a single technician to perform return band alignment with this easy to use return band alignment system for CATV.

This system consists of a headend signal level receiver/telemetry transmitter (the HECTER 6103) and a small, field portable, dual-carrier signal generator/telemetry receiver unit (HECTER'S PUP 6106).

Data Sheet
Operation Manual

Model 6103 Hecter Rack mount return band two-carrier receiver (5-65 MHz) & FSK data transmitter (50-240 MHz)

Optional Pilot Carrier for Model 6103 Hecter (5-1000 MHz, Limit of 2 Per Unit)

Model 6106 Hecter's Pup Return Band Two-Carrier Generator (5-65 MHz) and FSK data receiver (50-240 MHz)

*Will Ship in 4 weeks