RF Signal Monitor & RF Switch Controller

For Head-end / Hub-site Signal Monitoring and RF Switch Control

Achieve system reliability using the RFSD-2XA to monitor your RF signal feeds. Configurable to work with multiple frequency bands and several analog and digital signal modulation types, for CATV, VHF / UHF Terrestrial Off-Air, and Satellite applications.

The RFSD-2XA utilizes new versatile VTP (Variable Tuning Platform) technology to satisfy today’s monitoring needs and those in the future. Monitor single or multiple channels, on primary and backup signal feeds.

The RFSD-2XA detects complete signal outage, or degrading amplitude/quality parameters. Signal thresholds and alarm settings are easily programmed. Order with switches to fit your application needs.

Signal Monitoring Applications:
• Outage or degradation detection
• Alarm notification
• Proof of performance

Possible Switch Configurations:
• Primary to Backup
• Internal input multiplexing
• Internal output selection
• Internal CW pilot carrier activation

Installation Locations:
• Cable television headends / hubs
• Broadcast Stations
• Institutional, commercial and multi-dwellings
• Satellite networks

Monitor remotely via SNMP or web browser