XR-3 Software Updates

FlashUpdate and MeterMaid Software

NOTE: To update your XR-3, you must have the USB data transfer cable that was shipped with your XR-3. If you need to purchase a data transfer cable, visit our "Parts and Accessories" webstore page or contact TesCom/Applied Instruments by calling (800) 888-1978.

To download instructions for installing FlashUpdate and MeterMaid, Click Here.

For all versions of Windows
Click Here to download FlashUpdate Zip Software.

XR-3 Software Update Notification List

We can notify you when new software updates for the XR-3 signal level meter modules are available for download. Just send us an e-mail by clicking on one of the links below with "Subscribe to software update notification list" in the Subject box and we will then send you an e-mail notification when new software versions are available for download. Please include your full name and company name in the body of your subscription request email.

subscribe-XR-TS2-01@appliedin.com - to subscribe to update notifications for the TS2 DBS Satellite Module for the XR-3

subscribe-XR-S2ACM-01@appliedin.com - to subscribe to update notifications for the S2ACM VSAT Satellite Module for the XR-3

subscribe-XR-CA-01@appliedin.com - to subscribe to update notifications for the Cable Off-Air Module for the XR-3

Current Versions of XR-3 Items:

Software Component Description Version Release Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Boot Program XR-3 Boot 1.28 01/22/2018
Main Program XR-3 Main 1.79 11/11/2022
Second program XR-3 Main 2 1.79 11/11/2022
Channel Plans Channel Plans 1.09 04/21/2017
Field guide North American 2.91 12/01/2022
Field guide African 1.38 02/19/2020
Field guide Alaska-Hawaii 1.38 12/01/2022
Field guide Asian 1.34 02/19/2020
Field guide Carib-CentralAm 1.32 12/01/2022
Field guide Scandanavia 1.01 06/28/2021
Field guide Central Europe 1.01 06/28/2021
Field guide West Europe 1.01 06/28/2021
Field guide UK-Ireland 1.02 10/21/2021
Field guide Middle East 1.50 02/19/2020
Field guide South American 1.66 06/29/2022
Field guide South Pacific 1.36 06/28/2021
Postal Codes USA ZipCodes 1.10 10/11/2021
Postal Codes Canada Postal 1.04 10/11/2021
Postal Codes No Postal Code 1.02 02/20/2015
Limit Values Dish East 2.08 10/21/2022
Limit Values Dish Central 2.08 10/21/2022
Limit Values Dish West 2.08 10/21/2022
Limit Values C-Band Limits 1.22 11/11/2022
Limit Values No Limits 1.01 04/01/2015
Tuner Program Air Main 1.26 12/13/2017
Tuner Program S2 Main 1.46 01/22/2018
Tuner Program ACM Main 1.13 01/15/2016
Tuner Program S2X Main 1.05 12/01/2022
Tuner Program CA2 Main 1.02 05/06/2021
WiFi Program WiFi Main 1.13 06/06/2017

Software Program Version Release Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
FlashUpdate 2.3 01/12/2021
MeterMaid 1.20 10/21/2021