VSAT 7850
dvb-s2 ACM satellite signal level meter

Align satellite dishes and troubleshoot with speed and precision using the VSAT 7850 METER!

The VSAT 7850's extreme ruggedness, husky battery, ease of use, and versatility, make this the ideal meter for professional VSAT satellite technicians.

A "must have" for those who value time-saving tools and demand quality, the VSAT 7850 is packed with features and capabilities. From satellite identification to recording performance tests, you can install and troubleshoot the most demanding jobs quickly and with confidence.

The VSAT 7850 is well suited for VSAT, broadcasters, satellite antenna farms at CATV headends, teleports, non-North American DBS / DTH (single and multi- dwelling) applications.

Having trouble finding the Amazonas (61W), Telstar 14R (63W), AMC 15 (105W), Galaxy 28 (89W), Galaxy 16 (99W), or Telstar 11N (37.6W) satellites? Not with the VSAT 7850 meter.

The VSAT 7850 satellite meter is great for installing and troubleshooting data terminals and broadband internet via satellite systems, including many systems from iDirect, SageNet Ku band, StarBand, Galaxy Broadband, and Hughes (including Hughes Jupiter Gen4 systems *non-wideband terminals only*).

Whether your sites are residential, commercial, in the oil field, or on the battlefield, put the VSAT 7850 meter to work for you.

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