Super Buddy - Software Updates

Super Buddy Field Guide Updates

FlashUpdate and SatTransfer Software

NOTE: To update your Super Buddy, you must have the transfer data cable that was shipped with your Super Buddy. If you need to purchase a data transfer cable, visit our "Parts and Accessories" webstore page or contact Applied Instruments by calling (317) 782-4331.

To download instructions for installing FlashUpdate and SatTransfer, Click Here.

For all versions of Windows
Click Here to download FlashUpdate Zip Software.

Super Buddy Update Notification List

We can notify you when new software updates for the Super Buddy satellite meter are available for download. Just send us an e-mail by clicking: with "Subscribe To Super Buddy Update List" in the Subject box. We will then send you an e-mail notification when new plans are added.

Current Versions of Super Buddy Items:

Software Component Description Version Release Date
Boot Program SSB Boot 1.16 06/18/2012
Main Program (Software) SSB Main 3.16 02/14/2018
Field guide North American 2.57 04/08/2019
Field guide African 1.37 11/27/2018
Field guide Alaska-Hawaii 1.19 04/08/2019
Field guide Asian 1.32 11/27/2018
Field guide Carib-CentralAm 1.19 04/08/2019
Field guide European 1.55 04/08/2019
Field guide Middle East 1.49 11/27/2018
Field guide South American 1.60 04/08/2019
Field guide South Pacific 1.33 11/27/2018
Postal Codes USA ZipCodes 1.09 09/17/2009
Postal Codes Canada Postal 1.03 12/16/2011
Postal Codes No Postal Code 1.02 06/18/2012
Limit Values Dish East 2.05 12/13/2016
Limit Values Dish Central 2.05 12/13/2016
Limit Values Dish West 2.05 12/13/2016
Limit Values No Limits 1.00 03/25/2014

Software Program Version Release Date
FlashUpdate 2.22 08/11/2017
SatTransfer 2.12 04/04/2014