RFSD-2XA Software Updates

FlashUpdate and MeterMaid Software

NOTE: To update your RFSD-2XA, you must use a USB 2.0 Type A Male to Type B Male Cable. If you need to purchase a data transfer cable, visit our "Parts and Accessories" webstore page or contact Applied Instruments by calling (737) 800-1982.

To download instructions for installing FlashUpdate and MeterMaid and downloading the software update, Click Here.

For all versions of Windows
Click Here to download FlashUpdate Zip Software.

Lantronix Ethernet Module Upgrade Software

NOTE: To update the Lantronix Ethernet module in your RFSD-2XA, you must have an Ethernet cable connected directly from a PC to the RFSD-2XA's Ethernet port or your PC must at least be connected to the same local network as the RFSD-2XA.

To download instructions for updating the Lantronix Ethernet Module firmware in the RFSD-2XA, Click Here.

*Click on the file name to download the Lantronix Ethernet Module firmware update file. You should download the most recent firmware file.

Lantronix Ethernet Module Firmware File Name Release Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
xpt05V103.rom 07/21/2015
xpt05V106.lxi 12/14/2015
xpt05V107.lxi 03/06/2016
xpt05V108.lxi 03/29/2016
xpt05V109.lxi 04/18/2016

MIB Browser Files for RFSD-2XA RF Signal Monitor SNMP Remote Monitoring Operation

*Left click on the file name to view the MIB file in your web browser, then Save As to save the file locally. Or right click on the file name and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to save the file locally. Ensure that the file name ends in ".mib".

MIB Browser File Name Release Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
AppliedInsRfsd2XA01.mib 07/24/2015
AppliedInsRfsd2XA02.mib 12/14/2015
AppliedInsRfsd2XA03.mib 03/06/2016
AppliedInstrumentsSmi.mib 03/06/2016

RFSD-2XA Software Update Notification List

We can notify you when new software updates for the RFSD-2XA RF Signal Monitor and related tuner modules are available for download. Just send us an e-mail by clicking on one of the links below with "Subscribe to software update notification list" in the Subject box and we will then send you an e-mail notification when new software versions are available for download. Please include your full name and company name in the body of your subscription request email.

subscribe-XA-TS2-01@appliedin.com - to subscribe to update notifications for RFSD-2XA unit(s) configured with TS2 DBS Satellite Tuner Module(s)

subscribe-XA-S2ACM-01@appliedin.com - to subscribe to update notifications for RFSD-2XA unit(s) configured with S2ACM VSAT Satellite Tuner Module(s)

subscribe-XA-CA-01@appliedin.com - to subscribe to update notifications for RFSD-2XA unit(s) configured with Cable Off-Air Tuner Module(s)

Current Versions of RFSD-2XA Items:

Software Component Description Version Release Date
Boot Program RFSD Boot 1.28 11/07/2017
Main Program RFSD Main 1.79 12/13/2022
Second program RFSD Main 2 1.79 12/13/2022
Channel Plans Channel Plans 1.09 04/21/2017
Field guide North American 2.92 12/13/2022
Field guide African 1.38 02/19/2020
Field guide Alaska-Hawaii 1.39 12/13/2022
Field guide Asian 1.34 02/19/2020
Field guide Carib-CentralAm 1.33 12/13/2022
Field guide European 1.57 02/19/2020
Field guide Middle East 1.50 02/19/2020
Field guide South American 1.62 02/19/2020
Field guide South Pacific 1.35 02/19/2020
Postal Codes USA ZipCodes 1.09 02/20/2015
Postal Codes Canada Postal 1.03 02/09/2016
Postal Codes No Postal Code 1.02 02/09/2016
Limit Values Dish East 2.07 02/19/2020
Limit Values Dish Central 2.07 02/19/2020
Limit Values Dish West 2.07 02/19/2020
Limit Values No Limits 1.01 04/01/2015
Tuner Program Air Main 1.28 10/16/2019
Tuner Program S2 Main 1.46 12/01/2017
Tuner Program ACM Main 1.14 03/07/2016
Ethernet Module Lantronix firmware xpt05V109 04/18/2016

Software Program Version Release Date
FlashUpdate 2.22 08/11/2017
MeterMaid 1.15 09/14/2018